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Dabangg 3 - by Kelly, March 01, 2020
9.6/ 10stars

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Cast=Salman Khan, Sudeep
scores=5949 Votes
Directed by=Prabhu Deva
runtime=2hours, 40 Min
4,6 / 10

Please dont release this movie.

Oh my god🔥🔥🔥 #Swag 😍😘🔥. Hilarious trailer 😂😂 and what a glimpse of solid to achha h hi I loved athiya 😍😍.


I've never been so confused. It is truly must watch movie for whole family love hard core action with lots of comedy good storyline.Dialogues are just fire.
Go & watch movie there will be happiness on your face it will won't disappointed are spreading unnecessary negativity. Comedy. entertainment super movie,
Salman super. saiee super, sonaksi good but but but Kicha sudeeep. extraaaordinory what a performer. he is fire power what an actor. kicha sudeeep steal the show. best villain after gabbar and mogambo. unbelievable kicha rocks.

If your looking for good story good acting etc avoid this but if u just want to laugh at salmaans bad acting then its worth going to
Its funny in his 30 years of long acting career the guy never ever learned how to act but some how he held his stardom ive got to say only sallu hard-core suckers can give this trash 10 out 10.
I heard salmaan wrote the script himself so you can already tell it will be stupid the way race 3 was.
This film is mostly for villagers or for people who may be stuck in the 80s an 90s bollywood era also its 3 hours long slow and boring and to many songs.
its a repeat of its prequels nothng new but is only getting worse as dabangg is getting sequels.
they just dont no what to do with the story anymore. They should have just stuck with the first one and leave it there.


1 dislike nd no guilty Bcz today Bollywood criticise the indian akhada sanskrity. Amazing movie must watch. Atthiya is climbing the stairs of success💛👏🔥🔥. Dhin chak poja ba bana o.



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