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First Cow - by costcandselfterp1984, February 29, 2020
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Creator: doja brat
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  1. Stars: Toby Jones
  2. Year: 2019
  3. runtime: 2 hours 1 m
  4. country: USA
  5. First Cow is a movie starring John Magaro, Orion Lee, and Rene Auberjonois. An skilled cook has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon, though he only finds true connection with a Chinese immigrant also seeking

Watch stream first cowboy. Watch Stream. ❤❤❤ would love to get a shoutout also hope you get feeling better soon.


Watch Stream First com autour. Watch Stream First com favicon. Good looking bull. Nice to see an update video from your efforts. Keep them coming. This winter should be interesting. Nice road map on your windshield, you'll always find your way home with that. Why does my boy Fusure sound like he is talking in a fishbowl 💀💀. Watch Stream First cowcotland. This trailer was beautiful. Reminds me of my childhood growing up in Florida. Riding bikes, breaking into unlocked apartments, not realizing how poor we were. Shit was real. 1% Comments: Talk about the movie itself 99% Comments: FRANK OCEAN. Watch stream first cows. First time someone died Heheh. I was there. Watch Stream First cow parade. Me: he speaks English Family: is he married? Every foreigner knows this😂😅.

So what are we some kind of Ghostbusters

Watch Stream First com. Springtime on the farm: awesome every year. Better than Easter Sunday. Soon on Stoney Ridge... ”This is my neighbor, Chad!” That new hat is looking mighty sharp Josh! Keep cranking up the awesome work man. Watch stream first cowboys. Mashalla. Mistakes were made. When they gave this kid a mullet. Imagine if this made the mullet come back into style. God help us all. Watch Stream First cowblog. Remember that porn visual novel about a guy fucking his 6 catgirl slaves pets, who age like cats so they are only a few years old? The one that sold at least 2 million, and was probably seen by at least a few million more people with the youtube lets plays it got? Its difficult to think of a more problematic, and possibly illegal, plot for a video game. But that porn game got a not-porn anime now and the anime feminist review is positive! All said and done, I know this show isn’t for everyone. This may be my cat’s meow, but not everyone has devoted all their waking moments in life to being a feral catgirl. I just have to remind myself that just because this show was made for me doesn’t mean that everyone else has to watch it. I can respect that.  But you’ll still be hearing from me later when I pitch this as 2020’s problematic fave of the year. Surprised??? I guess some anime fan-service is fine if it is about cute catgirls because some women like cute catgirls. But don't worry, this isn't a sign that feminists are fine with fanservice shows in general. There is an almost-porn anime this season about reviewing monster girl prostitutes. A different anime feminist writer has a problem with this show. I made myself right comfy in the AniFem Cavern of Low Expectations, happy to ride out the titty show for monsterfuckers and tell you all: “Hey, at least it’s all about consenting adults. ” Partway through the episode, I paused the stream to get dinner. I think that may have been where it all went wrong.... She also happens to be one of the bird-people referenced in the review; when she gets embarrassed about all the men in her place of work loudly reading a review about how her species has such-and-such sensitivities and are total demons in the sack, Stunk then feels up one of her species’ stated erogenous zones to humiliate her. But hey, she punches him, so it’s square, right? ‘90s anime logic. Goddammit, I thought, as I reached for my Feminist Killjoy hat. Here’s the thing: I meant what I said earlier, that there are certain flexibilities in porn as a genre to explore more id-driven content. If nothing else, its status as a denigrated medium makes it easier to separate out from the more insidiously normalizing content that markets itself as narrative art. But the last sketch of (God help me) Interspecies Reviewers is a good example of why it’s still important to be mindful of and think critically about porn’s broader trends. Yes. It is very important that everybody be mindful of the trends in anime porn, (and also almost-porn nudity filled anime). If you are a SJW, it is your responsibility to do lots of "research" on what's trendy in anime porn this year. Pay close attention to make sure you can remember all the details of what you see. Because after watching it, you must do lots of critical thinking on what you've seen. Because after thinking about it, you have another job to do. None of this is to say that you’re not allowed to have dirty thoughts about the giant-boobied ladies on display here, but maybe we could all try having a meaningful conversation about what the medium could be as opposed to shrugging it off as a lost cause? You must talk about your deep anime porn thoughts with other people. And no, this won't be a positive conversation between fans of anime porn about what they liked. This will be a meaningful conversation with other critical anime porn watchers who all agree that anime porn is not meeting your high standards for deep art that focuses on woke social commentary. The makers of this monster girl prostitute anime porn could have definitely improved every society in the world, if only they tried to include some good political messages, in addition to drawing the cow girl massive boobs. But I guess they didn't care about saving women and minorities enough to try to change people's political opinions with their porn anime, so the first episode only had naked bird girls. So that means to make up for their missed opportunity everybody else must be mindful of and think critically about anime porn’s broader trends. It's the only way to save and protect real world women from the drawings in anime shows designed to titillate people. I'm sure a lot of people would be very uncomfortable watching lots of anime porn for trend "research", and having public conversations about the anime porn they've watched. But anyone who wants to be on the SJW side of the culture war must be willing to sacrifice all their personal comfort in order to achieve whatever important thing that complaining about anime porn is supposed to accomplish.

Watch Stream first contact. I too want to understand how he found out he was gay. Watch stream first cowboy online. I gotta give a shoutout to Pam from 'Martin' in this trailer. The release of Age2DE at 14 november was an exciting event. Many were positively suprised by this new remake but also many were a bit dissapointed. We had to get used to the new graphics, and the balance and game stability had to be adressed in a December patch. Now, nearing the end of 2019, many of us are still somehwat dissappointed in this (second) remake of Age of Empires 2 by Microsoft. Especially within the comptitive community and the frequent viewers of some of the popular Age2 channels on Twitch and Mixer the experience of the game is often negative. There is a fear that this version of the game will split the community rather than unite it (part of the player base can't make the switch to DE because they lack the computer specs to run the game, another part would happily return to the way they played the game before, because they prefer the features of Userpatch or Voobly)... The addition of 4 new civs + campaigns, the quality of life improvements (command queue, shift queueing, healthbars on hovering over objects) and the server-based platform all sound really exciting and they are the reason I'm still playing on Age2DE myself (nearly reached 200 hours on Age2DE). However, I will join the group of dissatisfied users that now is in dubio wether to play Age2DE (which is thrilling because it's new, and where my friends and many significant players are active), or the good old version I liked playing on Voobly (WololoKingdoms)... Let's analyse (the current state of) Age2DE in more detail, but first, let me tell where I come from: I'm HenkDeSuperNerd, you're average 'competitive player' I have no significant Rating achieved to be anywhere near being 'pro' but I have a good understanding of the game. I have probably accumulared a few thousand hours by playing Age of Empires for the last 3 years. I frequently watched streams (mostly T90Official, Nili, Viper, EscapeGaming, or smaller streamers) and I'm also involved as content creator in this Age2 community. I script random maps for my own pleasure, some maps are featured on Community Games day by T90Official. I also made a few tournament maps and helped to create mappacks and adjust maps to fit tournament standards. I have hosted a tournament on Random Everything, a massive mapscript that takes MegaRandom and multiplies the possibilities with infitinity. (It's more like HyperRandom, the mapscript Zetnus made for DE) I've also hosted a map design contest where mapscripters had 24hours to build a map from scratch. A fun event, and not unimportant, a way to unite the community of map scripters. As a player I've participated in some friendly tournaments (some friendly tourneys hosted by members of the T90 discord), I always sign up for King of the Hipp (by Nili), I have played NationCup 2017 for NL_D (the dissaster that was), I have teamed with Viper to lose to Daut (all hail! ) in masters and apprentiences, but mostly, I played casual teamgames with friends or randoms on WololoKingdoms around the 1600-1700 Voobly rating. So what's wrong? Promises (Lies) DE would have an AI able to beat 7 original hardest AI all by itself (this wasn't true:) Open beta would be quick to accept a large quantity of players the trailer shown at E3, the Developers have claimed that units getting stuck in the fights were not bugged unit but rather the unit was on no attack stance. Pathing would have improved over HD. () This turned out not to be the case. Attack move is broken (makes units freeze) and pathing is still a big mess (significantly worse than we see on userpatch) the minimal specs are an intelcore 2 with 4 GB of ram. Recommended is an i5 with 8 GB of ram. (However, I would advise everyone to buy a super computer with one of the latest i7's with 16GB of high quality RAM otherwise you risk experiencing a slideshow or dropping from multiplayer games due to your device running out of memory) Why not use what's already proven to work? learn from matchmaking from other multiplayer games (such as Legaue of Legends): a reconnect button once you lose connection to server a surrender vote poll a remake poll when someone drops during queue players can browse through tech trees, leader boards, or chat with friends. while queueing with a friend allow players to chat. learn social aspects from a platform like voobly: a friend list easily viewed when in the game menu (instead of current system, where your steam firends that are online and looking for games are not displayed differently than someone who is logged into steam playing another game) see who is in game, also filter players when you want to invite them in 'in game', 'looking' or 'AFK' ignore list so you can prevent matching up against annoying players post-game chat & replay option, so you can play again with the same enemies after a successful game watch list & streamer icon players can join a room as spectator, where they can talk to eachother in spectator chat. They can see the chat by the players, see who is in game, how much time has elapsed in the game), hover over players that are in game to see their statistics: their rating as well as number of games played, winstreak, nationality, and ratings from other ladders. see who is online, who is playing, who is looking for games. Great to see what friends might join, which possible opponents you could message to play a quick 1v1 or to see what game to spectate when your two favorite pro players are playing against another. Learn game improvements from Userpatch/WololoKingdoms: improved pathing custom AI improvements (Barbarian) map scripting improvement (team-position, up-effect, guard-state(allows regicide+KOTH combo), AI info to be used to display the maps name in a map pack under objectives, direct_placement and group_placement break the scenario editor during game, switch seat to play as an opponent Learn from Capture age unlimited zoom total health pool comparison easy toggle of selected player overview of economic or military units important technologies completed Listen to (pro) player feed back civ-balancing map-balancing choice of maps for ranked play map bans civ picks, random civ, or civ bans? Other (obvious) improvements I can suggest regarding maps and Scenario editor: Scenario editor can use a lot of Qualtiy of Life improvements, starting with a undo/redo button In scenario editor default should be 2 player (tiny) map In scenario editor, it would be nice to be able to copy the seed of a randomly generated map Scenario editor breaks when loading some map scripts In the scenario editor some aditional hotkeys would be usefull. At least you allowed us to scroll through the lenghty lists of units and objects with up and down key with the december patch.. copy & paste mode is terrible to work with for custom random map scripts, allow team placement by assigning a player land to a specific player, or a random player from a specific team. The competitive comunity just got familiar with 'fixed position' something that was actually added as an option for non-ranked games. Sad to see this is only limited to casual lobby now. More control of who plays where would also allow us map scripters to make more specific maps such as 'besiege', ' enemy archipelago', or 'overlord' additionally, up-effect (introduced with userpatch) allows to modify stats of units within a mapscript. Obviously that can be abused to create some very werid maps, but it can also be used in moderation to aquire some competitive (tournament) maps like: mangrovemaps (with balance), no-wall-arabia, no-cut-BlackForest, Regicide+King of the Hill combo; or crazy maps like: exploding villagers, exploding kings, battle royale, cannonboar nothing. many bugs still exists and some new bugs were even introduced for making random maps. Maps crashing when only 1 border is assigned, circle radius being affected by the terrain's border fuzziness, lands overlapping, (land)connections not generating properly, etc... it would be nice to make our own art-facets for custom maps, currently every custom map displays with a grey '? ' image Changes you did NOT have to make: Added randomness on (ranked) maps: variable amount of relics variable type of herdables (cows, sheep etc) serengeti type woodlines (acacia trees with annoying gaps in between) reduced number and spread of gold/stone on nomad, as well as frequently forests on hills matchmaking features that aren't great: Some maps are very much frowned upon: 1v1 Black forest, mega random.. increasing the number of map choices could be an option?  allow at least one ban for every player in a 4v4. pick civ. This leads to same matchups over and over. Other questionable decisions: removed ELO display from casual lobby, Why?? save and exit is no longer a possibility in ranked games. mod workshop now only transfers the content temporarily. Ok that might be good to prevent sharing of bad content. However, this means players wont be able to find back the mod/map they played unless they subscribe. More importantly: spectators cannot watch a match played with custom content unless they are subscribed to the content. the UI is scalable however some elements wont scale well like unit icons, which are way too small to differentiate the UI shows blue colour units in selection panel/ production panel even for players that are a different colour scenery objects like grass and rocks are confusing and easily mistaken for a tree or other object. Then there is civ-balance... There were some questionable decisions (goths nerfed by not having supplies), no buffs for some underrated civs like turks, teutons, vietnamese (only minor buff), while some already strong civs gained a bonus: Persians with trash-bows & faster working towncenters from darkage on. However, I don't want to go in detail on the balancing of civilizations. Also, I think you are doing a very good job at taking the communities feedback and suggestions into account when it comes to civ-balance. In general, I'm fairly happy with the balance of civilizations currently. Communication, Feedback and Beta access First of all, the beta was a big disaster. Too little content was given to the players so they couldn't test things adequately. Moreover, with only multiplayer as a way to play the game (for the majority of the beta) the lack of players deterred (pro) players from playing games. The resetting of the ladder with each update furthermore meant that pro players would face weak a result many pro players (with busy agendas due to ongoing tournaments) did not feel like playing and testing the my experience beta testers were selected poorly. Many participants weren't able to communicate well, had no experience with multiplayer whatsoever or would not bother to investigate bugs/balance and report it. A large portion of the pro and competitive player base as well as many experienced modders/scripters were not invited until the last wave. Feedback was possible on the beta AoE website was relatively new and had many issues to begin with. One frustrating complaint was that there was no way to tell if you successfully signed up for the beta (age insiders). On top of that the forum did not succeed in pulling veteran players away from established platforms such as (the main place to find competitive players and tournament organisers) or several discord channels. The launch of a new discord would mostly pull in new players that were excited to play the game for the first time, that would (re)post funny memes, achievements versus their first AI game or come up with ideas for balancing or new content. Everyone their rights, but it meant competitive players had little interest in become active on this discord where new individuals (who had never even heard of Aoezone, voobly or the zone) had gained moderating powers or community-sage fragmentation of community concerning DE was a real problem. Bug reports would appear on AoeZone, reddit, the AoeDiscord, the official aoe forums, and many other discord response of the developers was often long awaited for and wouldn't reveal much other than 'we are aware of this issue'A major patch dropped out of nowhere which didn't reveal all changes (many changes to maps for example were pushed undocumented). Similarly upon release nobody knew what content would be available. Many (untested) modes such as single player, scenario editor, mod workshop and many scenarios from the campaigns appeared to be buggy and sometimes unusable upon the official game launch. The multiplayer servers soon got overloaded and eventhough many people (including me) were positively surprised by the new features such as command queues, destruction animations and 4 flashy new civs, the product felt not appropriately tested for launch, which tainted how I felt about the game. Bug reports continued (actually, only now many issues started to be reported, the launch of the game can almost be considered a launch of an open beta, open to everyone who pays for the game). Forums exploded, and again the reports of issues got spread over many different ports were still often not properly addressed. Later on we saw a Twitter message from Evan, the community manager where he voiced his opinion on how to be better community members. This topic was taken personal and people showed their dissatisfaction with how developers shared their progress and how people from the team would not handle bug reports appropriately. CONCLUSION: While a lot was promised some crucial things are missing from the community wishes were known before the launch of the game. Diverse other (community) projects had independently investigated what features are crucial. Still, those features were not implemented into Age2DE Voobly brought social aspects such as friend lists, watchlist, profiles and chat in a game lobby. Userpatch brought improved pathing. Added functionality for AI-scripters and MapScripters, and optimizations to reduce lag. Other online multiplayer games (I referenced League of Legends, as that is a game I have played myself) brought a server based matchmaking system that worked well, with a reliably queue, bans, ability to navigate while queueing and good integration on social aspects while queuing with your friends CaptureAge showed how the spectator experience can be enhanced with features such as unlimited zoom, easy toggle between players, total health pool, quick overview of all economy/all military, and display of completed researches. The communication between developers and community was lacking in several aspects. Mainly players felt unheared and not appreciated for trying to help the developers by giving feedback or suggestions. Also we feel powerless when there is no transparancy in what things are being worked on, what things the team is aware of, and how important our feedback and suggestions actually are to the game developers. I know the team is working hard, the community managers might be relatively new to the AoE2 scene, and the programmers might not have the gaming experience. I also know they had to work hard to get the game ready for the release date. I know the priority for the game is single-player since that is what 90% of the customers care for mostly. I know that part of the dev team only got involved recently. I know that it might not be on top of the list of Microsoft to release a good game, let alone to keep everyone happy by improving the multiplayer. But I also know that there are many people who have put countless hours in playing with friends they made via the internet. People they meet regularly at LAN parties, at public tournament viewings. I know that the streaming scene for Age2 has been exploding for the last 3 years. I know that Age2 tournaments are not to be taken lightly. A few people can make a living of playing or casting tournaments, and the game is pretty much setup to become e-sports (which Microsoft seems to support by donating to pricepools). That makes me wonder: How important is the competitive Multiplayer scene of Age2DE to you?

Hi, u/CLO_Junkie, I suggest an educational QA post, or this one if its easy, pinned at the top. This may help with a clearing up and out the common question-answer clusters I've seen in minor threads. Most of those got the answers correct but a few got them extremely wrong. And wrong information can cause more panic. Who am me? Why should I listen to you? edit note- never said I was a grammar teacher, lol I'm an urban Emergency Department trauma/burn nurse with 5 years' EMS prehospital experience prior to going to the dark side of in hospital care. Before the ED, I worked in a large academic hospital in the critical care pulmonology ICU and before that in an open heart/lung transplant IMC. So, I get and got paid to pretend to I know about lung-heart systems, critical care treatments, and medications. And explain all that shit to family members because sometimes (sorry if you're one of them) really otherwise brilliant doctors cannot not communicate outside of medical-ese. On to common questions I've seen. If you have any more, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to update as able. What is a germ? Its been awhile since high school bio... Its a self-replicating thing that makes humans sick once its inside your body. It is most commonly divided into viruses and bacteria. What is a virus, exactly? A virus is a non-living pathogen. Its a single clump of genetic computer code floating around, small enough to be airborne on the breeze or in microscopic sneeze droplets. When in vitro, in a living body, it finds a suitable cell where it will upload itself and start making infinite clones of itself by using that cell's micro-molecular factory machinery. It does so by using RNA or DNA. DNA is a stable, longer-term library storage of genetic code. Its what humans use for their genome. When activated, a specific 'program area' of DNA is translated into RNA. The RNA free-floats out from the cell's control center(nucleus) into the cell's working balloon area (cytoplasm), and then gets fed through a factory machine's blueprint. This machine (organelle) then prints out proteins which clump together into whatever your body wants to make. As long as you have free energy and RNA, these machines will blindly make whatever you ask it to make. The virus makes so many copies of itself the cell literally eventually bursts open to release all the cloned virus copies which repeat the cycle and infect surrounding cells. By the millions. And then what is a bacteria? A bacteria is a living pathogen. It is a single self contained cell that can grow into little cities called colonies. These bacteria-cities create defensive protein shells to protect the community. It grows in vitro, or in a living body, by collecting and using free-floating resources (blood sugar, proteins etc). They can replicate fast and exponentally, 2 can become 4 which becomes 16 etc. A single generation's growth times vary but can be from hours to days. It can make people sick by giving off toxins or overwhelming the immune system. Sorry, but I never really understood why can't we use antibiotics for each? Antibiotics are good at targeting specific areas inside of the bacteria cells. You can think of it like rock-paper-scissor units in a video game (like Civilization or League of Legends). The drugs can target roughly speaking, either the cell walls, the cell's engine areas, or during reproduction. Depending on the type and species of bacteria, we choose different drugs to be more effective. As an aside, drug-resistant bacteria exist. They have build cellular machinery to combat our drugs by neutralizing the medicine compound or doing a work-around of the gummed up cell factories that make energy, structures, etc... MRSA, VRE, and MDR are common names for these critters. MRSA is methacyllin resistant; VRE is vancomycin resistant; MDR is Multi-Drug resistant. But it takes that bacteria that much more energy to specialize in creating that special anti-biotic type of cell machinery so it is quickly killed off or even out-competed by other ordinary bacteria normally. In a sick person, these specialized bacteria have more time to grow into their bacteria-cities with the body's defensive system being knocked down. Viruses lack cell walls, cell engines, and have no ability to reproduce outside of host cells. So we can't stop any of it by any of those means. What does help, then? Antivirals can help with some viruses. They compete with the virus in the host cell to win control over the mini factories that make viruses. They can slow down the spread to give your body a chance to build up its defenses and stem the infection. They don't actually kill viruses themselves once the virus is inside your body. And from intial reports, corona viruses are unaffected by antivirals. Plus the US is in a national drug shortage of antiviral medications. How does my immune system work again? Its pretty complex but in short, it has a literal army of specialized soldier cells. Some do recon and identify invaders and 'radio' back what they find to the immune system. The system then stores that gained knowledge and send out info bulletins for its hunter-killer cells to easily identify invaders. These circulate around and kill any and all viruses and bacteria. If they find a pocket of invaders digging in, they activate an all-in attack signal to gather soldiers from around your body in that specific area. In doing so, they die but new soldiers take their place. Your body can regulate the amount of different types of cells circulating around but it takes time because your bones grow the baby immune cells and put them through boot camp and your spleen then caps off with specialized training into different soldier cell camps (intel, hunter-killer, etc)... So then what is a coronavirus? Like the beer? Yes. Corona means crown in Latin. A corona virus, when scanned by special microscopes, looks like it has a fuzzy crown from bunches of dandilions sticking out of the surface. These are like a cat's whisker. In short, they can (even though its not really alive) bump up against cells and tell what type of cell they are (lung, stomach, heart, etc) to decide if they want to enter into the cell and use its machinery to clone itself. So, lets look at the wikipedia definition quickly and then explain it in English. Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome and with a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. The genomic size of coronaviruses ranges from approximately 26 to 32 kilobases, the largest for an RNA virus. So, translated: Its a data complex virus with a protective shell to hide it while circulating in the blood from the immune system. Once inside a targeted cell body, its RNA directly goes into the factories and reprograms them to make endless copies of itself until the cell explodes, and the cycle repeats until your body is overwhelmed and cannot fight off all the viruses. Other prior coronaviruses (SARS, MERS) have been particularly dangerous to humans with (depending on age category and immune status) a demonstrated 10-50% mortality rate once infected. I thought killing a host off is bad. Yes. Ebola often burns itself out because it kills so fast. HIV has spread because it kills so slow. However, each and every time the RNA makes a copy of itself, it has a non-zero chance for a mutation. Small percentages matter with literally trillions of coin flips. A larger genome, or program code stored in the virus, the higher the chance for errors just like in computer coding. Most times the error is a dead-end waste and so its just discarded in the noise. Sometimes the error is a helpful change that increases the virus' ability to do the virus thing. Like hiding from the immune system, copying itself faster, changing what host cell it likes to attach to, etc... With something new like this corona virus, we just literally don't know what it is capable of doing or turning into. Contagion can be variable with viruses due to incubation time (the time it takes to get infected), shedding time (when your a walking, spewing virus factory) and symptom time (when you actually have a fever, cough, phlegm, etc). The Wuhan strain appears to have a long incubation time with concurrent shedding time and a delayed symptom time. So- you're infected and doomed to get sick before you know it; you spread it around without knowing it; and when it hits you, you've already spread it around your community. That's why an incubation time of 7-10 days with shedding is scary. And with around 300 people being confirmed as an estimated 5% of total infected this means up to 6, 000 infected people are walking around spreading the virus. If there's a R0 of 4, that means an estimated 28, 000 people are potentially infected from these 6, 000. See how it gets out of hand even with quarantining travel? Now, sometimes, if a virus is really contagious, it can infect people faster than it kills off the old victims shedding viruses even though it will kill the prior victims. This is what happened in the 1918 Spanish Flu... what is a zoonotic virus? A virus that orginally was in another species (cow, snake, bat, chicken, monkey, etc) that has crossed over and now has the ability to infect humans. We know a lot about our familiar viruses (hepatitis C, influenza A, etc) but that's from years of meticulous effort into constructing virus models based off of research. Again, we don't know what we don't know. Why would a coronavirus be dangerous to young people? The Wuhan strain, and other, corona virus particularly seeks out and infects lung cells. Like the 1918 Spanish Flu. Specifically, the Wuhan one likes ACE receptors in your lung that regulate blood pressure in real time via a feedback loop with your kidneys. A cytokine reaction is when your immune system gets super excited and pumped up from all the distress signals being activated by hijacked cells. In short, a lot of things cascade at once which causes a huge boost in your immune system's individual attacking cells. Good, usually. But actually, bad in the case of your lungs being infected. Your lungs turn into a battlefield roughly about what Syria looks like now. Pockets of infection spreading rapidly and resisting stubbornly among the shattered debris and rubble. Dead white cells everywhere (this is known as pus). Non-functioning ruins of lung area spreading around that was once a functioning organ. Ironically, the more healthy the immune system the more heightened the response. Between the dead virus parts, the dead immune cells, the panic signaling inflammation, your lungs will fill up with garbage and you drown from the inside out, unable to get oxygen in or carbon dioxide out. In The Great Influenza, first hand medical accounts of cytokine storms have reported people bleeding out from their injured lungs. Um, how do lungs work again, quickly? So think of your lungs like this quickly. Remember the old biology demonstration model of a balloon skin covering a cut 2-liter soda bottle with 2 balloons at the end of a straw? Well, high school was over 19 years ago now so I dunno how they teach it these days. But the mechanics being demonstrated are as follows: Your lungs need a diaphragm to work. Your lungs are in a sealed compartment in your body. The muscle contracts and pulls down (the balloon skin is pulled down on the soda bottle). Physics magic works and the 2 balloon-lungs inflate with air. Inhalation. You snap the diaphragm back into place and the 2 balloon-lungs deflate. Exhalation. Simple enough. So, on the inside your lung cells are in very bubble bath-like foamy structure called alveoli. Why? Surface area. Physics magic again says more surface area, more diffusion of gases. Namely, oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. But these cells' walls are so fragile it takes a constant bath of a special body fluid called surfactant to keep them from collapsing. Surfactant production is important. Its why babies are only viable after so many weeks of gestation- before that, no surfactant so no lungs working. Debris, pus, fluid in the lung lobes destroy the surfactant. If enough of an internal area is affected, that lung lobe (3 on the right, 2 on the left) will collapse on itself like a deflating hot air balloon and it will require chest tubes to be reinflated. We can actively push air into lungs by a ventilator breathing tube but if the gases don't exchange we have a problem. That's when they have a last-ditch machine called ECHMO which is a machine that cleans your blood and buys you rest and recovery time by being an external set of lungs and heart. But this therapy will kill you from fluid accumulation if you stay on it for too long. And why do we need gas exchange again? Your body uses oxygen to make energy. Like rust is a compound of iron and oxygen, your body can create compounds of oxygen. It juggles the oxygen out of the blood into all cells where, in combination with blood sugar as firewood, it is then used to energize special molecules called ATP. These molecules cause your body's cells to work. The waste product is carbon dioxide which floats out into your blood stream to be exhaled off. This ATP is then reused again to keep stuff moving. No ATP, no life. Period. This is aerobic respiration (think air-based) or metabolism. No oxygen, not a big problem. For a time. We can create an alternative energy pathway called anaerobic (think not air-based) metabolism. Its not dangerous and some of us do it daily if we run to the point of lowering our circulating blood oxygen past a certain point. Your body can release strategic stockpiled stored oxygen as reserves but those aren't infinite. Your heart and brain are the only 2 organs that don't have oxygen reserves and need a constant blood flow to them to operate. Your brain can go about 10 minutes unoxygenated before actual damage kicks in. Its why CPR works by moving blood and gases around inside your body. Dumb designed system, I know. Anyways, this alternative pathway can only be used for a short time and has a very inefficient ratio of energy to waste. Plus unlike the air-based metabolism, it has a second nasty waste molecule called hydrogen. The hydrogen is acidic. Meaning it is a bullying element that aggressively grabs atoms from cell machinery molecules without asking. These stripped molecules then don't work right and need replaced or repaired by the body. Additionally, enzymes need a tight temperature and pH range to function. Enzymes are helper-molecules that speed up chemical reactions in the cells so cells can, you know, do stuff. No enzymes means the reactions are slow, like watching paint air dry. With enzymes, its like hot air blow drying the paint. Right, so our body keeps a very tight acid-base balance which is measured as pH. Vinegar and baking soda volcanoes is an example of this balance. The vinegar is an acid, the soda is a base. Combined, they neutralize one another in a kitchen-floor ruining demonstration (sorry, mom). Our blood base is called bicarbonate. It is created by our kidneys. But, if that local alternative energy area is producing more acid than available base can neutralize, both enzymes and cell molecules start malfunctioning and the organ tissue gets even more stressed out. Inevitably, it calls quits by shutting down and dying. How is this different/similar than the annual influenza? That kills thousands a year without any media coverage. The annual flu is dangerous for the elder (>65yo), the young (<7yo) and the immunocompromised. There are dozens of "annual flu" viruses that are constantly mutating when their RNA is copied. We classify them as Flu-A, Flu-B etc... They are dangerous to these populations because in a healthy, young adult cytokines cause an appropriately balanced response over 5-7 days that suppresses the viral recreation and cellular micromachinery being hijacked. You then feel like crap while your body repairs itself. In the elderly, young, and immunocompromised they all have weakened immune systems that can be quickly overwhelmed by an infection from these common flu viruses. The difference is, again, that cytokine storm response. Its a sort of Trojan horse tactic where your body's immune system overwhelmly gives an exaggerated response and so eagerly drowns the victim with all that accumulating debris in the lungs. The stronger the immune system, the quicker your lungs fill up. Both are virsues that act like I've described above (scroll up if you need refreshing). How is this different/similar to the 1918 influenza? The 1918 influenza, commonly known as the Spanish flu, killed more humans by body count than the black plague of the 1300s did. The pneumonic plague (a mutation of the quickly reproducing bacteria that allowed it to go airborne (pneuma, Latin for air) had a higher kill ratio of those once infected for a smaller population size, ~45-50%. Epidemiologists believe the 1918 flu started off in the midwest of the US and was carried over to a national army training camp. From there, it was shipped over to the battlefield trenches of World War I where it spread low-grade among all combatants for several months being spread by, well apocolyptic-like healthcare conditions. The virus mutated an innumerable amount of times, came n went, came and went, until it became one which could cause cytokine storms among young people. Towards the end of the war, Spain (which was a noncombatant and had a free uncensored press) started publishing rumors and news of a new deadly virus. At the end of the war, returning troops were packed onto densely populated ships to be repatriated. After being exposed for almost a week of perfect infection conditions, all disembarked to spread it to their individual cities and communities. Initially, factually, in the US federal and local governmental responses were slow and censored news for a combination of reasons. No-one knew what was going on at first until local hospitals were overwhelmed and then dots were connected. They asked for help which was slow in coming but also, honestly, there was nothing to do but help support the sick as best as possible through the crisis period. Huge warehouses with beds were set up to care for the infected until they died or got better. And even through that it was mostly up to family to care for these sick with healthcare worker resources broken. Corpse disposals ended up being a huge grim need outstripping service supply. What can I do to protect myself and family? Well. Based off prior epidemics a lucky few will be immune or get sick and recover and be immune. But don't bet on that. From what I've read, running away from major cities is a mixed bag. Worked better in earlier stages of civilization when travel was slower, communities farther apart, and humans were more self-sufficient. For example, the Athens plague of 430 was fine if you staying isolated on your subsistence farm in the country during the incubation, shedding and clinical periods. But in 1600 black plague England, running from London to escape into the country was a worse idea than staying put in a well stocked house. You were exposed to the elements without resources (Food/water/shelter) and inevitably ran into someone who was sick. Some outlying communities self-quarantined and forced anyone they didn't know to stay away at town militia gunpoint. The best situated of all those in England to sit tight while everything burned down around them were the commercial sailing ships out in the harbor. Isolated from carriers, surrounded by a safe distance of water, constantly moving air in a light breeze, lots of UV light, and salted humid air. Of course, once it passed they still had to choose to go ashore and possibly be infected from remnants or go elsewhere. In 1918 and 1300 oncoming winter weather helped slowed transmission some but then it flared up once warmer weather occurred. The best thing to do I think is honestly prepare to stay in your house isolated for 2-4 weeks (or whatever the total exposure-infected-cleared time is with your local area getting) with a disrupted supply chain and electrical grid. Food for humans/pets, electrolytes and water, alternative cooking heat supplies, true HEPA filter air purifiers, spritz bleach sprays, non-electronic entertainment, supportive over the counter medicine (anti-fever, anti-vomiting, etc)... Maybe cloth curtains to keep air exchange limited between indoor/outdoors and bedrooms and floors. Any first-hand accounts of similar stuff in the past? I'd recommend reading "A Journal of the Plague Year, " by Daniel Defoe and "1918: The Great Influenza" by John Barry for primary perspectives of those living in a society disrupted by infectious death. Alright, anyone have any questions? Anyone read this far? Well, hope you had fun reading because this was fun for me to type out. I like explaining the ins and outs of what I do. EDIT: changed "who am me" to -> "why should you listen to me? ".

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