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Published by: KingMinotaur PsyD
Bio: #DutyToWarn Lic /Frmr Calif Dept MH/Corr. Imagine my surprise seeing a career criminal /psychopath elected POTUS! #HandMarkedPaperBallots.

Duration 1H, 32Minutes; Creator Owen McCafferty; genre Romance, Drama; ; Directed by Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn; 346 Votes.

Normal People Download. I came here to make trolls but satisfied wid the comments alredy. Most democratic candidate promotes 15.00 an hour, dont forgets when robots replaces Americans jobs, what happen then. Millions will be unemployment. UBI is the key. My reaction: Pulls down glasses bumboclatttttt.

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Super interesting! Thanks for posting this. Gubler. Some of these people with mental illness who live in these community homes do so because they are unable to live by them also have a problem taking their medicine because they don't like the way it makes them feel,so are monitered by staff to make sure they take their i had a family I don't know if i could feel comfortable living with one of these home's close by. Normal People Download movies. K pop fan : bling bling Random gurl: what? Kpop fan : bling bling Random gurl: Im outta here. We really loved your clip. You must make more. Nobody: Literaly nobody: Stokes twins:put milk first.


Please let it be good. ITS AN AMAZING NOVEL I LOVE THE AUDIOBOOK BUT THIS JUST SCREAMS POLITICALLY CORRECT MEGA FEMINISM. That was a Marxist struggling to make Marxism real and realizing that it can't be realized (and not entirely because of the capitalist society within which it would have to birth itself) but refusing to accept it and playing it off as confusion and curiosity. I am someone who sees eye to eye with the Marxist principles but her answering that question like she really didn't have the answers as to why she participates in publishing and profit making in the way she does when it is clear that capitalism reaps her benefits while exploiting workers and the arts itself and walking away from it, as Marxist as that act would be leads you into a void that doesn't exist away from society but from employment seemed like such a schemy pretence of ignorance.

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What a ride! This marked my 20th trip to Disneyland, the first being in the late 80s when I was 5 years old. For some, this will seem like an enormous amount of trips to Mouse House, and for many of you die hard fans (especially those who live in CA), it is but a drop in the bucket. For me, Disneyland feels like an old friend that you don't get to see often but when you do, you pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat. In some ways, like me, she's starting to show her age in places but clearly still has a lot of life left in her. The biggest change since I was last there a couple of years ago, obviously, is Galaxy's Edge. I was absurdly excited to meet and experience this new land! I am a big fan of Star Wars, and so I was very excited to see how Disney pulled from the movies, canon (and fans' minds eyes) to create an alien land on Earth. In my opinion, they did a fantastic job. What struck me the most, perhaps because I'd not seen anyone else write about it before, is how the atmosphere/feel of Galaxy's Edge immediately sheds the fun/vibrant feel of Disneyland and replaces it with an eery, ominous vibe - a feeling that you're being watched, that you're not entirely safe, and that mayhem could break out at any moment. They achieve this feel through expert combination of white noise and otherworldly sounds and reverberations, and great cast interaction. Galaxy's Edge is markedly quieter than other parts of Disneyland, with low hums and hisses being piped through the speakers and occasional sounds of rustling creatures and chirping droids. The cast is always watching over their shoulders for the frequent and invasive overlording by Stormtroopers and other First Order evil doers. You may have noticed in YouTube videos, but what is even more impressive in person is the height of the Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren. The troopers are easily 6'4-6'5 and Kylo Ren appears to be pushing 7' tall. They are very imposing figures. The troopers are always in character, and very interactive. I won't go into a lot of detail about the rides, as I don't have anything new or insightful to add to other reports already posted here and what you can see on YouTube. Overall, my impression of Smugglers Run is that it was a perfectly fun 3D-type ride where the vehicle remains stationary, but tilts up, down, left, right and side to side depending on what you see on screen. Kids seemed to like the ride because they get to hit buttons and switches that make you feel like you're controlling the ship. The graphics are first-rate and the storyline is fun. But at the end of the day, for me, it's a one and done ride. It will not be at the top of my list for any future visits, but if the wait time is low and I have time to kill, I'd hop on it again. For me the best part of the ride was the queue! Getting to be inside a spot-on recreation Millennium Falcon was so much fun, and made for great pictures. Rise of the Resistance was incredible. The scale of the ride alone is WOW! The stage is ENORMOUS and the level of detail they put into the ride was mind blowing. This ride is a must-do for anyone, fan of Star Wars or not! The rest of the land is made up of shops, two of which are worthy of note - Droid Depo and Savi's Workshop, where you can build a BB-8/R2D2 and custom lightsaber, respectively. Very fun experiences. As far as food goes, they have theme-specific bites that may not be to everyone's tastes. I found that the basic ingredients are good tasting and good quality but the effort to make them "alien" by adding too much heavy sauce was a bit overkill. Some other Galaxy's Edge negatives for me: all directions/signage are in Batuuese which I am unable to read, and that left me lost and asking for directions. NOTE: there is a Data Pad app you can download on your phone that apparently will translate for you, but I was not aware of this in advance, so plan ahead. Other general thoughts this trip: As other long-time visitors have expressed, the quality of staff is going downhill. I used to consider Disney staff the standard-bearer of excellence. Now, it's hit or miss, mostly miss. It used to be that staff was cross trained on nearly every aspect of the park and could answer questions that didn't necessarily even relate to their own specific duties. Now, you're lucky if the staff person knows how to perform the minimum requirements of their own jobs, much less being cross trained. An example is, we'd made quite a bit of purchases of merchandise and needed to ship some of it home. In years past, it was very easy to visit one of the Disney hotel gift shops, show them your receipts, and they'd box and ship everything home for you for a fee. This trip, the woman at the gift shop looked like I had a 2nd nose on my face, had to call a manager, which required me to wait 30 min to arrive. The manager was super irritated with the employee, who implied the employee had been trained several times how to do these shipments, but apparently the training hasn't stuck. Cast members were snippy with guests. There were a lot of long lines because of the holiday weekend, and due to unclear markings, people were lining up the best they knew how (which sometimes caused walking lanes to become blocked. ) Staff members would come aggressively shoving people out of the way barking at people to move aside or to line up a different direction. Instances of this happened at the Grand Californian during magic morning hour security screening, at Matterhorn single rider line, at Pirates of the Caribbean, and at Incredicoaster. Magic Morning Hours are a MESS. Staying at the Grand Californian, accessing the magic morning hour for DCA was a breeze. It was well run and staff was polite. However, once we were in the park, we got accosted at least twice by staff members demanding that we show our room key. One example was when walking from Pixar Pier to the GOTG Tower. Apparently they'd let in some other guests early and were lining up at a roped-in area, so the security folks became suspicious of everyone who was walking by. After already waiting for the initial security, then waiting to get in the park, having to wait another 10 min while security people demanded to see room keys just to walk from one part of the park to another was absurd, and ate up a good portion of the extra hour. No one knew what was going on, so you had people who'd already put away their wallets/purses in strollers having to dig all that crap out again, flash they key, only for the next person to be told what was going on, have them dig for the key, etc etc. I had my hands full with a churro and coffee, had to set them on the dirty ground so I could dig my wallet and room key out. This was totally unacceptable, but it wasn't the worst part. The worst part was when it was Disneyland magic morning. The Grand Californian has a grand total of 2 metal detectors in use. Two. For the thousands of people in the hotel lining up to get into the park early, two metal detectors. This resulted in a mile-long line that circled into the gardens and beyond. This line did move fairly quickly (I'd say we waited about 20 min, which was fast considering the number of people in line) but still - 20 minutes at 630 when the park is to open at 7 is a lot of time. Again the staff here screamed at guests. Ordinarily, the security people told you to walk past the bag-search tables if you did not have bags and head directly to metal detectors, so a lot of people were doing that only to be screamed at to get in the back of the line. So even if you had no bags, you had to wait in the bag search lane, and were told so very rudely. Once you finally make it through that line, you then head to the general Disney entrance that everyone uses, including non-Disney hotel guests. There are special lines magic morning people are allowed to use, but only 2 of them. So the lines for hotel guests wanting to take advantage of the magic morning are as long or longer than the lines of guests waiting to get in at the normal start time. Although we allowed an hour to get through all the screening and lines, it was 7:20 by the time we got in to the park. Lo and behold, it turned out that they'd again let some non-magic morning hour guests into the park early and so the room key police were again out in force. Before we were allowed to exit Main Street and get into Tomorrowland, we had to dig our hotel room keys out again, and of course the now 3rd line of the morning started. We finally get to Tomorrowland only to be told Space Mountain was broken down. This left Matterhorn Mountain the only "big" ride available that morning, so the wait time was ~20 min - hardly worthy of a magic morning hour. Long story short, lots of great fun and new experiences and overall the trip was good. But I have to say, the premium Disney charges for its hotels (about double the cost of any nearby hotel) is starting to become questionable. These things used to work like clockwork, and now they are a cluster-f. Some friends of ours who stayed off property were in the park about 20 min after we were. We were shocked. They didn't have access to the rides for the 40 or so minutes we did, but I have to wonder if those 40 minutes are worth paying $800-$1, 500/night? The Four Seasons the Grand Californian is not, and if their supposed perks are causing more trouble than benefit, I don't know how much longer people are going to be willing to pay that premium. The Hotels have got to figure out a better way of getting guests to the magic morning hours. It would have been awesome if they'd set up a train/trolly system like they use for parking guests, and once the guests were screened and tickets swiped at the hotel, load onto the tram and be driven directly into the park. (Although I'm writing from the perspective of a Grand CA guest, I have to imagine guests of Disneyland and Paradise Pier have the same, if not worse, experiences. ) Having guests wait in 2 lines (possibly 3 lines if you get into this room key check BS we did), is highly inconvenient. It was much easier walking into the park at 10 am the morning we arrived. There were no lines to enter, and the entire process took 5 minutes. Seriously, Disney, what is the benefit of paying double the rate of other hotels and why bother offering these early morning hours if you're not going to be serious about getting guests into the park in an efficient and reasonable way?

This is weird as shit, but it spoke to me. Normal People download movie. Tiger comes out of nowhere on the yacht. Normal People Download movie. Ah I love your book-related content! It's always so engaging and smart without being heavily intellectual to the point of pretentious. Keep it up Jess. 1:27 the song is dutch (if i say it correctly, I dont know the name tho, I am a dutchie btw) Greetings from the Netherlands. He knows nothing. We need a smart President. Im supporting Yang. Yang Gang 2020.


When I come to a block, I pretty much do what she says. Ish. I leave the story for a short while. Do something else. Most of the time I knew how to fix it within 24 hours. A few times it took me 2-3 days. By not actively thinking about it. I did think about it on and off, but mostly not. And suddenly, I just knew how to fix the problem. The Gaming Brotherhood Must Retain Their Sacred Traditions And Culture. We Must Not Be Distracted While We Perform Our Sacred Duties Daily. Honestly, as a kpop lover the cleaning is extremely accuarate. Normal People Download movie database.

Why is there Harrison Ford in the thumbnail

Normal People Download movie page. This made my day, I wish I could meet this wonderful and hilarious man. 1:25 thats a song from The Netherlands lol😂. Oh wow... I have been testing how much data Stadia uses and I am disappointed on the data optimisation and how Google infamous recommended internet speeds is not that true when I started to play "dark games" like Metro or Gylt. First things first, I’ve been playing Stadia for a few weeks now and I have to say that I am really impressed with the technology, it really feels like I am playing locally with a one digit latency. Played a little bit Crisis, Half Life 2 (I have a NUC so high end graphics are out of the question), and then played Destiny 2 and I couldn't believe I was streaming the game! I even downloaded Destiny 2 from Steam (80GB! ) to try a side by side comparison. 1. Bandwidth analysis I basically ran around 15 minutes analysis on Chrome on three different games (Gylt, Metro, Destiny 2 and RDR2) on two different connections: a 40Mbps home fibre connection with 5 ms latency at 37. 6Mbps effective speed (4. 7MB/s stable download speeds) and 1Gbps leased line with 0-1ms latency. In both cases I am around 15 miles from the Google Data Centre, however in the case of the leased line I am directly connected to big DC that might get some kind of direct Google DC connection. Before jumping to the per game analysis here are two things to be clarified: 1. Stadia bandwidth is capped regardless of your connection as follows: At 720p is 10 Mbps – 4. 5GB per hour (max) At 1080p is 28 Mbps – 12. 6GB per hour (max) *At 4k is 45 Mbps – 20GB per hour (max) That’s all confirmed by my analysis (except for 4k which I can’t really measure because Chrome doesn’t support it) but seems to be backed by Google support page. And fair enough… 28Mbps is more than most Blu-ray movies at 4K and even the 720p bitrate cap is the same of a Netflix 4K movie – if used efficiently, which is not the case for Stadia. However, there are serious time constrains on Stadia as the frame needs to be compressed almost instantly compared to a typical movie when you can spend a few seconds compressing each frame if you decide to prioritise quality and getting much more quality in less space. I cannot say what is the equivalence of this real time video stream Google is using but perhaps 50%. Not quite true google! I think someone at google got this totally graph wrong because those speeds are incorrect. Max cap is 45Mbps, which you would need at least a 50Mbps connection to reach that. That’s far from the “best” 35Mbps Google announced. In my case, I never reached 4K on my Chromecast on the 40Mbps connection. 2. There is absolutely no difference between Balanced and Best Visual Quality data usage modes in Stadia, however Balanced locks it at 1080p but doesn’t affect the bitrate. All tests below are on Best Visual Quality option. BVQ option would give 4K stream however that is not supported on Chrome. 3. Google uses a preset on the video encoder with priority over “bandwidth” rather than “quality”. More on this on the conclusion. Per game bandwidth analysis I played around 15 minutes of each game in both connections, the graph you can see in the images shows the bandwidth usage per 10 seconds average of download speed (Stadia upload speed requirements are less than 0. 8Mbps). Full size screenshots can be found at the end of this post. Samurai Shodown @ 40 Mbps connection: All good here as expected as it’s very “colourful” game, so game utilises the full bandwidth. Only on loading screens or between fights the bandwidth drops dramatically – which makes total sense but you still see some artefacts on these transitions. Again, what I don’t want to save my bandwidth and get the best quality? Stadia doesn’t give you this option. Samurai Shodown @ 1 Gbps connection: there is virtually no difference on bandwidth. I tried this on balanced settings with same results. Again some artefacts appeared during transitions. Note 2. 4Mbps bitrate on still images. Destiny 2 @ 40 Mbps connection: As Samurai Showdown, Destiny 2 uses a rather bright colour settings so it plays at the cap and only when going to menus or dark places goes down. I played the first 20 minutes of the game, you can see entering at the aerodrome at the beginning the bitrate goes down as it’s quite dark part of the intro. This is the proof that Stadia prioritises less bandwidth over more quality on the video encoding even with excellent connections. Destiny 2 @ 1 Gbps connection: Similar performance here and again unnecessary artefacts in some dark parts of the game which are totally unnecessary as Stadia could keep the bitrate at its cap to remove them. Truth be told, these are not noticeable while you play unless you pay attention. Gylt @ 40 Mbps connection: Stadia’s adaptative bitrate encoding prioritising “economy over quality” does a horrible job on this game as the average bitrate is 6. 4 Mbps – that´s horrible google! I only managed to reach the cap of 28Mbps going to a bright scene and deliberately move the camera constantly to force the bitrate up. In a normal gameplay you would never reach that. The overall experience was acceptable but I could notice quite a lot of artefacts in some scenes that shouldn’t be there because both my connection and Stadia allows for it. For me this ruined a little bit the experience. As you can see I finished the game but it wasn’t that bad I guess! Gylt @ 1 Gbps connection: Stadia still makes use of the adaptative bitrate management but it’s not that extreme. On bright areas I could reach the cap but not in dark areas. However, overall quality was much better as the number of macroblocks or artefacts from low bitrates are only presents on some parts – which is still far from ideal as average bitrate is far from that 28 Mbps cap. Metro Exodus @ 40 Mbps connection: bitrate is quite bad during the first 20 minutes of Metro due to really dark scenes. The macro blocks were obvious, and quality dropped to the point at some points slightly ruined the experience. The average bitrate was ridiculously low I’ve seen to around 6. 4 Mbps. Again, Stadia ruins the experience here unnecessarily. Metro Exodus @ 1 Gbps connection: although the experience dramatically improves here – without reason because the 40 Mbps connection is more than capable of reaching these bitrates – still some parts produced unnecessary macroblocks. Average bitrate is 16 Mbps. You can watch more about this on Digital Foundry’s video here: RDR2 @ 40 Mbps connection: I played the first 20 minutes and it was a pretty much horrible macroblocking experience so I asked for a refund. Average bitrate was 8 Mbps. The narrative of this game make the graphics a very important part of the whole experience and here Stadia refuses to deliver without a valid reason. RDR2 @ 1 Gbps connection: bitrate is drastically better making the whole experience much better reaching the 28 Mbps cap most of the times. However in some parts of the game the bitrate was really low, for example when the Rockstar Games logo appears at the beginning. I remember watching a video from Digital Foundry commenting on that and pointing out that’s because the game is streamed when this is actually not true, is just Stadia not maintaining a constant bitrate. Bandwidth analysis conclusions - Stadia seems to decide the quality of your video stream based on your connection. In this example the 40Mbps connection is more than capable of delivering 28 Mbps stable yet Stadia refuses to deliver it in dark games give a very poor stream experience at some points. This is still the case on the 1Gpbs connection. - You don’t have a way of choosing if you want to save data or just have best possible quality. What if you have a data cap but a 1Gbps connection? You may want to sacrifice some quality for data usage but you don’t have that option. - Video encoding preset with bandwidth over quality is a really bad decision from Google. I have watched a lot of bad publicity to Stadia (Digital Foundry for example – and I love DF! ) due to this and in reality it could have been avoided if they kept a stable bitrate instead of variable. I guess they need to save some CPU power on the Data Centre but at least they should give user options to change this. Now the damage is done, and everyone thinks stream quality is bad when in reality is just a one click setting. - Google completely lied about the speeds required as I see it, there is no way you can get the full experience with a 35Mbps connection at 1080p, not to mention reaching 4K with 40Mbps. It is clear that granular control on video encoding presets and data usage need to be introduced and Google should update that infamous internet speed graph. Latency / input lag Analysis For this test I played some game with mouse and keyboard on the zero latency connection and adding latency on top using WinDivert. Test is totally subjective to my gameplay. I am used to play FPS on PC so I can recognise when there is some input lag. However note that I am not a professional gamer. When I say 0 latency is because my connection literally states 0-1ms latency but there is Stadia + PC latency, in the same way there would be some when I play natively on my PC. Latency has been consistently tested in services like or even google. Destiny 2 - mouse & keyboard Added latency: 0ms – gameplay feels totally like playing natively 15ms – I cannot feel any difference from playing with 0 latency 25ms – now I start to feel some latency, it’s there and you can still play but it doesn´t make it that fun to play for me as I am used to play on PC. 50ms – Noticeable latency but still playable, not enjoyable for me. I understand some people might not notice much and you could perfectly adapt to it. +70ms – Warning that game might stop. +100ms – Not fun to play and a similar experience from what I got in PS Now. The game eventually stops Destiny 2 Gamepad 0ms – gameplay feels totally like playing natively 15ms – I cannot feel any difference from playing with 0 latency 25ms – very tiny latency that I can only notice when I change on the fly the latency software, however if I were playing for minutes I wouldn´t notice anything on a AB blind test. 50ms – Still acceptable and you could adapt to it I guess. A lot of people I’m sure wouldn’t notice. +70ms – Still it’s not terrible but game stopped after a few minutes. The game eventually stops. Samurai Shodown - Gamepad (infamous to play with keyboard! ) 0ms – gameplay feels totally like playing natively 15ms – gameplay feels totally like playing natively 25ms – I´m confident that in a blind AB test on the fly I wouldn’t be able to stop any differences. 50ms – I might notice some latency when changing on the fly but nothing in a normal gameplay after a few a minute playing. +70ms – I can’t really feel a difference after a few minutes. I only feel it when a activate/deactivate the latency on the fly but not after the adapting period. +100ms – I can only notice latency while pressing the buttons and watching the character to respond, in a kind of synthetic test. However in during normal gameplay when you are crazy like pressing the buttons it´s difficult to notice – but it´s there! However eventually the game stops due to bad connection. Tombraider – mouse and keyboard 0ms – gameplay feels totally like playing natively 15ms – gameplay feels totally like playing natively 25ms – I would be able to identify the lag in blind AB test on the fly but with this latency after a few minutes I wouldn’t notice. 50ms – I might notice some latency when changing on the fly but nothing in a normal gameplay after a few a minutes playing. +100ms – I can feel the lag moving the camera with the mouse but it’s not terrible. However the game eventually stops. Tombraider – gamepad Exactly the same experience as Samurai Shodown with gamepad. Latency Conclusions I would say that anything from 1 to 25 will feels natively if you play with gamepad. However, if you are a mouse and keyboard player and like FPS like me you will start notice something above that figure. But it won´t be unbearable. On the 1-15 ms mark the game feels like native to me. There is a good bonus here with the gamepad though as it naturally introduces a lot of input lag so this can be quite unnoticeable for most players even at +50 ms. Also the type of games you play might make a difference, shooters will definitely require lower latency than most of other games. I probably watched almost all Stadia reviews in YT and I think only 1 or 2 mentioned something about the latency and they all focused on internet speed test, so I think the media is not really giving the right importance to this since speeds are totally irrelevant on the experience. I actually think not many people can get such low latencies yet Google didn’t say a word about this – what about saying “hey check your latency as well”? If you are reading this and you are thinking about getting stadia I recommend you check your latency first: CPU analysis I made this test because there were a lot of people and reviewers experiencing audio and video stuttering. My experience with video encoding says that in most of the cases that’s is not produced by low internet performance but the device not being able to handle the decoding video task. While playing I intentionally throttled down the CPU of my Intel NUC with a i7 8559U running at 3. 95GHz (2. 7GHz base speed, 4. 5GHz max) with 16GB RAM to see what the performance was, which confirmed my thoughts. First I will compare the CPU performance of Stadia vs Youtube on chrome without any extensions running and the CPU unlocked. This is the video I tested: link Stadia vs Youtube 4k@60 FPS Idle CPU usage is 2% and CPU stays at 0. 97GHz (all background apps closed). Stadia in Chrome (1080p@60FPS): ~ 20% CPU / ~2. 2GHz Chrome 1080p @ 60 FPS video: ~ 10% CPU / ~1. 64Ghz Chrome 4K @ 60 FPS video: ~ 25% CPU / ~3. 95Ghz Stadia CPU performance Stadia unlocked CPU – 3. 95 Ghz Plays perfectly fine as expected but there are peaks of the CPU reaching 3. 9Ghz and GPU usage is around 20% (Iris 655). Stadia capped at 1. 79 GHz CPU stayed constantly at 1. 79Ghz but with no issues Stadia capped at 1. 2 GHz Minor stuttering issues like moving the mouse and not responding for a few milliseconds. Minimal audio stuttering. Stadia capped at 1 GHz Quite a lot stuttering issues. Not fun to play but still no audio stuttering. Stadia capped at 0. 79 GHz Unplayable with video and audio stuttering. Macroblocking appearing and sudden low resolution video. Everything below this cap made Stadia totally unresponsive with terrible A/V stuttering. CPU performance conclusion Although this is a rather simple test it shows that video decoding is not trivial and even a decent office PC can create problems if you have background apps. I reckon Chrome at 4K will need a relatively modern PC seeing the CPU usage at 1080p. Probably this is the case as well for phone support, they want to keep the experience locked to the devices they can control and know they will perform well. I believe this to be the reason why Google is not supporting 4k yet, especially considering they have a good set of Chromebooks with very limited CPU performance out there. I understand they want to offer the best experience and if they unlocked 4K a lot of people would get bad performance and therefore bad reviews from those who believe Stadia should play in any PC. This is not a criticism at all. I understand people might not be that technical to realise video decoding is challenging in a 5 years PC but again Google has done a poor job explaining the minimal requirements to make people understand they won’t be able to play 4K in Chrome and even at 1080 they would struggle. I just fear that 4K support might take a long time to be supported due to this. General Stadia review conclusion I think the technology is really impressive and shows that you can play streaming and still feel like native with the correct internet connection. However I feel Google has failed to communicate these requirements and they are locking the experience too much restricting Chrome support to just 1080p. To me the key is having the freedom to play in anywhere you have a good connection – being able to have a quick break while working to play Destiny it’s just awesome! Yeah I know Stadia is not like playing on a PC at 4k Ultra, but I don’t really need that anyway. Also, something I haven’t really read much is that being able to choose to play with Gamepad or mouse and keyboard is a game changer over the classic console with very limited mouse support, although Xbox seems to have realised this is the way forward for a lot of gamers. Regarding model price, I don’t really have an issue with that. I have bough a few games in Steam and I don’t own them either – doesn’t make a difference if I download them as I still need Steam to play. Videogame streaming might not be the future but I think Stadia got it right with this and when it’s open to everyone there will be a huge user base that will make the platform better. PS: if you have read all this you deserve an award!! EDIT 12-dec-19: 1. Added clarification about realtime video encoding vs traditional video encoding (when you have all the time in world! ) and 2. converted all to Mbps as per feedback except screenshots.

Many guys go on dates and “wing it, ” they just hope for the best and see what happens. These men might get a kiss goodbye, but rarely more. Leading dates towards sex (or a second date) isn’t difficult, but there are a few steps you must take to consistently get the results you want. Most (but not all) girls who go on a date with a guy in the 21st century are open to the possibility of having sex (sometimes they’re even disappointed when a man doesn’t make a move). We don’t live in the Victorian Era—modern society is getting progressively more sex-positive. Casual sex is a big part of today’s cultural narrative: random hookups are promoted in everything from pop music to family-friendly sitcoms. However, at the same time, women do still get slut shamed if they have sex ‘too easily. ’ Even if a girl wants to sleep with you, she will only go home with you make her feel like she won’t be judged. In this article, you are going to learn how to run your dates in a way that will both turn the girl and make her comfortable with the idea of going home with you. Not every girl will sleep with you on the first date, but if you follow the steps outlined below, many will. And if you’re not interested in casual sex, these strategies will also help you make the girls you date want to see you again. When a woman wants to sleep with you bad enough, it won’t be hard to convince her to go on a second, third, and fourth date. The Mindset She Has Already Chosen You If a girl goes on a date with you, it is implied that she’s attracted in you. You (hopefully) made it clear in the initial interaction that you are interested in more than friendship (here's an infield example of what this looks like:) Therefore, the girl knows that if she goes on a date with you, you’re probably going to make a move. If she isn’t attracted to you, what would she have to gain by going on a date with you? It would inevitably be uncomfortable for her and despite what many people think, women don’t like rejecting men, it’s just as awkward to turn someone else down as it is to get turned down. Most women will not go on a date with you unless they are at least open to the possibility that something romantic might happen. So, when a girl you approached shows up to meet you again, you have good reason to assume that she’s attracted to you. And it’s important to make this assumption, because if you assume a woman is not interested and wait to see signs that she likes you, you’re going to interpret everything that happens through the lens of, “She’s probably not interested. ”As a result, you probably won’t physically escalate or invite her back to your place. Conversely, if you assume she is interested, you will see everything she does through a positive lens, and you will be more likely to take risks. Positive assumptions don’t guarantee that you will sleep with a girl, but they create the opportunity for something to happen. When you ask a girl to go home with you, there’s at least the possibility that she will say yes. (In case someone who lacks social awareness reads this, when I say assume she’s interested, I mean assume it until she gives you a reason to believe otherwise. If you lean in for a kiss and she pulls away, respect her decision. ) Remember, on a date, there is very good reason for you to make positive assumptions. This belief isn’t arbitrary, it’s based on the fact that this girl took time out of her day to hang out with you when she could have done a thousand other things. She wanted to create a situation where something might be able to happen with you. Pick your poison: assume women are interested and risk an awkward moment, or wait for proof that women are interested, and go without knowing what could have happened if you took a risk. Preparation For The Date Once you’ve got the mindset down, the next step is to have a specific plan for how you’re going to lead your dates forward.   Have an excuse to pull Generally, when you pull a girl, you’ll make an excuse like, “Let’s watch a movie, ” or, “Let’s grab a drink. ” You should have ready a bottle of wine, food to cook (it can be as simple as a frozen pizza), a movie downloaded on your computer, or even a checkers board set up. The excuse to pull doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but plan for it in advance, otherwise you’ll have to think about how you’re going to pull her while you’re on the date, and this can easily lead to overthinking and hesitation. Choose a favorable location Generally, I have dates about a mile from my place. There’s no reason to create difficulty for yourself by planning the date somewhere too far out of the way (of course, if she lives far away you may want to meet in the middle). Now, if you can’t pull to your place because you live with your parents, you’re homeless, or whatever, then find out what area the girl lives in and plan the date somewhere close to her place. I avoid dinner dates because they’re too formal, and this can make both you and the girl feel uncomfortable. Movie dates are also bad because you can’t really talk to the girl during most of the date, all you can really do is awkwardly put your arm around her shoulder. Instead, my go to is coffee. Coffee shops are in public so there isn’t any reason for a girl worry about getting ax murdered (compared to inviting her straight to your place). Plus, coffee shops are a very casual social environment where it’s easy to have conversation—and that’s what a date is really about, you and a girl getting to know each other. There are a few other good options for dates: Bars and clubs: Drinking can help you and your date get into a carefree mood. Obviously, you shouldn’t be getting yourself—or her—too drunk, but having a couple drinks in social situations is a cultural ritual for a reason. If you’re only comfortable going on dates that involve alcohol, that’s a problem. However, bars are generally a good place to get to know someone. Nightclubs are even better because you can dance with the girl (this is a very smooth way to make things physical). A public park: Parks are a good place for dates because you can walk around, see the sights, and talk. There’s also no financial investment necessary. Furthermore, parks are public enough that most women will feel safe, but there’s also enough secluded areas that you can find somewhere to make out with the girl. A group activity: You can invite girls to see stand-up comedy, to go to a party, or to see a concert. These dates aren’t as good as the above options for getting to know a girl, but they are good in that they are low investment—someone who’s on the fence about meeting you again may be willing to go to see stand-up with you, whereas she might not get coffee with you. These kind of dates are also good for building a social circle. You can set up a weekly event that you go to and invite different girls that you meet to join. This could be a game night at your house, a weekly volleyball game, or something similar. You could even find a group to join on and then invite girls to go to the group’s events with you. Before The Date I always confirm my dates a couple hours before the planned meeting time. This greatly reduces the risk of getting stood up. I simply text, “See you at (X location) in 2 hours:)” or something to that effect. Nine times out of ten, she’ll respond by confirming or flaking. If she doesn’t respond, I just text her again about 30-minutes before the date, “Are you on your way? ” And if she’s going, she’ll let me know. Doing this allows you to avoid wasting time by showing up to a date that a girl may have forgotten about or decided not to go to.   The Beginning Of The Date Build Sexual Tension Men often make dates too logical, almost like an interview. But women don’t go out with guys to exchange information, they go out with guys to exchange emotions. So, when you’re on a date with a girl, your overarching mindset should be that you’re there because she’s sexy, because you desire her. The words you say may be logical, but the intent behind them should be sexual. When you’re at the table with her, appreciate her feminine energy, notice how attractive she is. She will sense your desire on an emotional level, and because she’s on a date with you, she probably wants to experience a sexual charge in the interaction. Your desire for her will turn her on: she wants to feel desirable, she wants you to want her (). Of course, if you get the sense she’s becoming uncomfortable, take a step back, dial down the intensity of your eye contact and keep the conversation light for a while. Seduction is a two-way street and if you’re two steps ahead of a girl, the interaction isn’t likely to go anywhere. To create sexual tension, you don’t have to be physical and you don’t have to talk about sex. Although both of those things can help if they’re done well, they can also backfire. Understand: some girls don’t like being openly sexual in public because they don’t want to be judged as acting ‘slutty’. Therefore, too much physicality can make a girl uncomfortable. Similarly, talking about sex, if done in a way that isn’t tactful, can make you come across as a ‘fuckboy’: a guy with no class who only wants to get laid. Physicality and sexual conversation have their place, but they aren’t the most powerful methods for creating sexual tension. The best way to spark desire is by feeling it yourself (), and by holding strong, intentful eye contact. Truthfully, if you do these two things right, you’ll stand out as more seductive than 95% of men. There are other methods for building sexual tension (masculine vocal tonality, being dominant, teasing), but I wouldn’t focus on those until you’ve mastered the two aforementioned fundamentals—they are the points of greatest leverage. Build Comfort When you’re on a date with a girl, show interest in what she’s saying, ask further questions, and bring the conversation towards topics that are emotionally relevant to her. **The girl doesn’t want you to win her over as much as she wants to feel like she’s winning you over. ** Yes, it’s helpful to be witty and insightful, but it’s even better if you make her feel like she’s witty and insightful. Everyone is somewhat insecure about how interesting they are—especially women (because they’re unsure whether they’re being valued as human beings or merely as sex objects). If you can make a girl feel confident that she is interesting, she will be completely charmed by you. At the same time, you don’t want to seem like you’re pandering to the girl, it’s possible to come across as sycophantic if you are overly agreeable and complimentary. So, on the one hand you should listen carefully to the girl and show interest in her ideas, but on the other hand, she will trust you more if you occasionally challenge her. Be willing to disagree with things the girl says, this shows that you aren’t a pushover who’s being fake to win her favor. If you are constantly disagreeable, the girl won’t think you really like her, but if you are constantly agreeable, she won’t think you are being honest. There should be some occasional friction. So long as you show respect for the girl’s opinions even when you disagree with them, she will respect you because you were willing to stand up for yourself: now she knows she can really trust you. Moving the date forward There’s no reason to talk at a coffee shop (or other date location) for several hours. By taking the girl on a walk, you can create the sense that your date has forward momentum to it. Within the first 30 minutes or so of a date I’ll simply suggest, “Let’s go on a walk, ” (this has never been met with resistance). It doesn’t really matter if the area you’re walking in is visually appealing, all that matters is that the two of you are going on a bit of an adventure together. You don’t have to initiate physicality while you’re walking with a girl (if there’s sexual tension you don’t need to touch her until you’re in a bedroom), but physicality can be useful in that it will give you objective feedback that a girl likes you. If you hold a girl’s hand while walking, you can be fairly confident that the girl is interested in you. If you’re unsure whether a girl you’re on a date with is attracted to you, touch can be a great way to get some reassurance. Pulling While you’re walking with the girl, you can seed the pull. To do this, suggest something that would be fun to do together. For example, you might say: You: Have you seen Black Mirror? Her: No. You: Really, you haven’t? It’s such a great show, you have to see it, we’ll watch an episode sometime. Her: Okay, sounds cool! After you seed the pull, go back to normal conversation for a while. Now that the idea of watching a show together has been brought up, it will be much smoother to invite her to your place later on. Later in the conversation, say something to the effect of, “You know what, let’s go watch an episode of Black Mirror right now, it’ll be fun16. ” When going for the pull, you might get resistance. If the girl says, “Oh, I don’t really have time, ” this might indicate that she’s not ready to go home with you yet, or it might mean that she really doesn’t have much time. If she gives you resistance, you can allay her concerns by saying, “Well, I live five minutes away, and it’s just a TV show, we can watch one episode then I’ll take you home right after. ” If she was on the fence about whether to go home with you, this line will most likely change her mind. If a girl is giving resistance because she doesn’t want to come home with you, the above line won’t make a difference, and there’s no point in pressing the issue any further. If, however, she agrees to watch the show, lead her to your car (or her car if you don’t have one), or get an Uber, and keep doing what you were doing. The tone of the conversation should be exactly the same as it was before the pull—you’re shooting the shit and having fun. Some guys get quiet and awkward once they pull, this kills the vibe which can lead the girl to say, “You know what, I should be getting home now. ” Don’t be that guy. Conclusion When a girl agrees to go on a date with you, she’s probably hoping you will turn her on and excite her. Remember, modern women are generally open minded to the idea of having casual sex: they just need to meet a guy who makes them feel genuine desire. Understand: the girl wants you to do well, she wants you to sweep her off her feet. Fortunately, you don’t have to do much to stand out from the competition, most modern men are incredibly insecure about their sexuality and turn dates into interviews in which she doesn’t feel desire, she feels like she’s signing a business contract. The keys to a good date are to create sexual tension by holding strong eye contact and allowing yourself to feel desire for the girl, while also building comfort by showing interest in what the girl says and being willing to disagree with her or challenge her opinions (this shows genuineness). Do those two things, and all you’ll be able to move the date forward by inviting her to hang out with you in private. If you do this well, the majority of women you go on a date with will want to hook up with you. If you liked this article, you can find more of my content on YouTube: I also post live infield footage on Snapchat (approaches, number closes, etc. ) Username= Averyghayden.

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Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville are really great here. They really do carry this film. Since it is primarily focused on these two characters and pretty much no one else. Liam Neeson is really great here and it makes me wonder why he hasn't done more action films.
Overall it's a very simple told very effectively. It does have a lot emotion and it really does work especially the ending. But it's definitely worth watching. Writers write. Each has their own path. If you need advice, surrender. You're not a writer. Atwood can offer only trite hackneyed platitudes and fluff. She knows how it works.

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