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  • Correspondent: Miss L
  • Biography: hallo


  • Scores=3630 votes
  • 2019
  • directed by=Todd Haynes
  • Genre=Drama
  • Matthew Michael Carnahan

Looks great. A Crossbow with Silver Tips. He's nice because his past wasn't in his memory, he wanted to live up to his goals. Muskie's in America are HUGE and they look the same as pike, maybe Jeremy should try over there.


There is a small group of films that have taken on big corporations who have destroyed a large number of lives. Count Dark Waters as being placed in that elite genre which describes a lone (ironically) corporate lawyer who takes on chemical giant DuPont.
In this semi-documentary dramatic work, the case against DuPont in poisoning the water, land and air in and near its facilities- and extensively throughout the world- is overwhelmingly strong. One thread going through my mind while watching Dark Waters is how DuPont will react to this onslaught of evidence against them (Apparently, according one PBS article, the company has a lot of "legal folks" looking into this movie, but it doesn't want to drive more attention to the story. br> It's tough to make a several-year span lawyerly-driven movie ultra-exciting, but the M.M. Carnahan script provides enough visual stimuli (like the massive document discovery provided by DuPont that fills a large room) to move the story forward. Mark Ruffalo's steady demeanor is countered by Anne Hathaway's occasionally over the top histrionics that show the emotional toll one man was undergoing in his battle against DuPont.
Well worth your while to know how much PFOA's (via Teflon, etc) we all are carrying inside of us because of DuPont's lack of honesty.

Just became hulk and smash the factory. DUPONT SPOKESPERSON.

Het face in the thumbnail though😂😂. Great job, this movie looked good, I'll have to watch it. But Mark Ruffalo man, I love you, thanks for endorsing Bernie. We need more of an wave, to drown out all the others candidates. Watching Rob talking made me realise how good of an actor Mark is, he fully emulated the mannerisms and speech to a tee.

Uncut Gems is this a movie about circumcision. Another masterpiece DW!Keep em coming my friend. The last song's name? Edit: haha found it! It's called Something worth fighting for by Josh Auer. in case someone else was looking for it. Beautiful song. Yes to Rob Bilott and many thanks to him ! I've always thought, years ago, that there was something OFF about non-stick cookware, now I wonder what other products to be aware of. Im thanking him for releasing the halibut, that colossal one will be beneficial for the population.

Tohle je prostě úžasný a myslím že více netřeba říci. ڎASNÝ <3

Woot another great story. With a great narrorator. Keep up the hard work your doing a awesome job. These greedy corporations harming the public will get it in the afterlife for the coverups. They think their will save them for not telling the truth. Well, when it is over for them they will face JUDGEMENT DAY FROM A HIGHER POWER. Hey everybody, its Threee dog! Hahaha. I respect him so much. He's not just a smart man, he's a good man. I'm also proud of him for his endorsement of Bernie Sanders for 2020. Shows that he's not all talk, that he's with us - with the people - when it comes to fighting the fight as well.

Lol why is the girl on the bike the creepiest thing about this trailer. Really interesting and scary movie. Was alot more interesting than I thought it might be... and really kept things interesting all the way though the film. Strong story and really great characters.

No its not Erin copy. its a 'Civil Action' John Travolta) copy. This is a perfect platform that I want the public to know about what happened to the Vitek Proplast Teflon TMJ jaw implants disaster that began in the early 1980s where DuPont and the FDA knew of the dangers that Teflon has in a biological living creature as used in a loaded joint like hip and jaw joint implants. DuPont knew in the early 1960s that Teflon will break down and cause serious harm if used in the hip implants back then. but yet, they knowingly knew, but tried to deny their involvement in the Vitek Proplast Teflon TMJ jaw implants complete and utter disaster and tragedy that is being secretly hidden from the public to this very day ( there was a 20/20 segment back in the early 1990s regarding the Vitek Proplast Teflon disaster but after that nothing, promises from the FDA that would help us Vitek victims never came to light of day. Teflon, in which PFOAs were used back then in the 1970-80s, is the main material in the Vitek Proplast Teflon TMJ implants that were grandfathered by the FDA back in the 1980s and caused SERIOUS and PERMANENT continuous SYSTEMIC damage to the patients who had them in. There was a PATHETIC recall by the FDA in the early 1990s and there was no Implant Registry, there are absolutely ZERO TMJ implant registrys to this very day, thats over 40-50 years of implants that the FDA has no idea of who had them and who heard of the recall. The Vitek Proplast Teflon implants was a HUGE coverup by the manufacturer, the surgeons professional organization, surgeons but not all, and the hospital that helped with the research and promotion of the Vitek implants! The Teflon used way back then contains this PFOA Forever Chemical and was used in the Vitek Proplast Teflon TMJ jaw implants. DuPont knew in the early 1960s that Teflon cannot withstand the forces used in a loaded joint like the hip total joints they used back then with Teflon in the TJRs and removed them from the market, BUT, Dr Charles Homsy, an ex-DuPont employee and biomaterial engineer was continuing to research and then implement the Vitek implants after he was supposedly fired from DuPont as they said for him to stop pursuing his research. which of course he did not, and his Vitek Proplast Teflon implants were grandfathered into the FDAs 510-K Pre-market Approval process. then later the FDA had a pathetic safety alert and recall where majority of the Vitek patients had NO idea of the recall, and there are STILL patients with these horrible implants still in them to this very day, and many surgeons will not touch them to get them removed. Please look at the public Facebook group “Were Americas Shameful Secret” and browse the site for info regarding what I said above and the severe medical problems due to the Teflon that was well known back then to not be used in a loaded joint, like hips and TMJ jaw joints (on that FB group is a photo of my broken and failed Vitek-Kent VK-ll Proplast Teflon TMJ total joints, and a skull drawing I did one sleepless night portraying my STILL living nightmare from Teflon and DOW Silastic IPI TMJ implants, Silastic is same as silicone but in a sheet form, and DOWs Silastic also was/is a systemic medical disaster just like the breast implant victims, the Silastic patients have same plus different medical problems as the silicone breast implant patients.

Just saw it today. the fact that it wasnt nominated for an oscar is beyond me. Inside baseball... I love that saying. Awesome DW keep it up man.

AMERICA. The Toilet Bowl off the World. And you know it.


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